Please be familiar with our refund policy stated below:

Refund Policy

If a student officially withdraws from Upper Iowa University prior to completing 60 percent of the semester, institutional charges for tuition, room, and board will be refunded on the percentage of the semester that has not been completed. Financial aid awarded will be returned to the federal, state, and institutional programs based on the same percentage. For example, if a student officially withdraws after completing 20 percent of the semester, the student would only be charged for 20 percent of the applicable tuition, room and board and would retain 20 percent of their financial aid.

After the 60 percent point in the semester, no refund will be granted nor will financial aid be adjusted. The portion of the semester completed is based on calendar days from the first day of the semester through the last scheduled day of finals, including weekends and mid-semester breaks of less than five days. The semester is defined as: Fall Semester begins with the start date of Fall Term 1 and ends with finals of Fall Term 2, Spring Semester begins with the start date of Spring Term 1 and ends with finals of Spring Term 2.

Students who do not go through the “official” withdrawal process will be deemed to have attended through the mid-point in the semester, and will have their charges and financial aid adjusted to 50%.

Students on work programs will be given full credit for work completed to the date of withdrawal.

Examples of refund calculations are available in the Financial Aid Office. Students may appeal the refund calculation if they feel that they have extreme circumstances that warrant an exception to the published policy. Students should make their request in writing, documenting the extreme circumstances, and submit it to the Controller for Business Services. A response to the appeal will be made within two weeks.