Upper Iowa University is committed to safeguarding your privacy when you visit our web pages. Our privacy policy explains what information we collect when you visit one of our web pages, how we use that information, and how you can "opt out." By accessing Upper Iowa University web pages, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

1. Modifications.
This privacy policy may be modified by Upper Iowa University at any time without notice, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified privacy policy on Upper Iowa University's web site. You agree to review this privacy policy periodically to be aware of such modifications and your continued access or use of Upper Iowa University web.
2. Disclaimers and Terms of Use.
Please also make sure to read Upper Iowa University's Disclaimers and Terms of Use to understand the additional policies that apply to your use of Upper Iowa University web pages.
3. Gathering of Information.
Upper Iowa University gathers various types of information from our visitors so we can adjust our web site to meet our users' needs and expectations. Some of this information is collected automatically when you access any Upper Iowa University web page and other information is provided by you to us on a voluntary basis.
4. Information Gathered Automatically.
Any time you access an Upper Iowa University web page your browser automatically supplies certain information during the Internet session. Of this automatically supplied information we gather these items:

1. Your browser, e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator.
2. You computer's operating system, e.g., Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux.
3. Your navigation path, i.e., the URLs of where you come to our site from, which of our pages you visit, and where you go as your leave.
4. Your IP address.

This information lets us see how users are finding our sites, and it tells us which pages are visited the most often so we can make our web site more useful.
5. Tracking and Use of Cookies.
Upper Iowa University web sites occasionally use cookies to keep track of names, addresses, etc. during the process of completing online forms. The information contained in these cookies is only what the user types in when completing the form. We do not use this information for any other purpose.
6. Information You Provide to Us.
In addition to the information automatically provided by your browser, we also gather information that you provide to us when you complete an online form or make an online request. Depending on the purpose of these online forms and request pages, information collection may include contact information (e.g., users name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) and/or unique identifiers (e.g., social security number, student ID number, credit card information, academic and employment history). Contact information is used to contact you if necessary. Unique identifiers are used to process certain requests such as, but not limited to, online admission applications and enrollment. You are able to "opt-out" and not provide this information online. You may provide the required information by contacting Upper Iowa at the appropriate telephone number(s) or by mail.
7. Your Rights, Our Obligation.
Upper Iowa University does not sell or rent any personal data submitted by visitors to our site to any third parties. Upper Iowa University respects the privacy of users visiting our web sites and will abide by all applicable laws concerning the release of personal information (e.g., Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974). Occasionally we may use certain directory information that we have collected to send you information about Upper Iowa University we think may be of interest to you. If you tell us that you do not wish to have this information used as a basis for further contact with you, we will respect your wishes. Please contact the Upper Iowa University office you requested information from to request your name be removed from our lists. Other than directory information, data you provide to us as you use Upper Iowa University's web site will be held in strict confidence by Upper Iowa University and its employees and will be used for Upper Iowa University purposes only. Upper Iowa University may share aggregate information about our users with business partners, sponsors and other third parties. However, the individual information you provide us within the Upper Iowa University web site will be known only to you and Upper Iowa University. We will not share your personal data with anyone else, except as may be required by law.
8. Links to Non-Upper Iowa University Sites.
Some Upper Iowa University web pages may contain links to other sites external to the Upper Iowa University. When you access these external web sites, the providers of the sites will have access to certain information about you. Upper Iowa University is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any web sites that we do not directly control.

For More Information.
If you have questions about our information practices, please contact us:

Joel Kunze
Director of Internet Development
Upper Iowa University
PO Box 1857
Fayette, IA 52142-1857

Phone: (563) 425-5259
Fax: (563) 425-5353
E-mail: kunzej@uiu.edu